CASA 2010 Workshop on Crowd Simulation – Call for participation

CASA 2010 Workshop on Crowd Simulation – Call for participation
June 3rd 2010, Saint-Malo, France
Collocated with CASA 2010, the 23rd International Conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents


Ming C. Lin, Univers. of North Carolina, USA
Rachel McDonnell, Trinity College, Ireland
Julien Pettré, INRIA, France


Crowd simulation has significantly grown in strength these past ten years.
This exciting field is important in a range of areas spanning from the entertainment
industry (video-games, movies) to security and design (evacuation of facilities,
architecture, virtual-reality training, etc.). Producing quality crowd simulation
applications raises many algorithmic and technical challenges. Several research
communities are involved in this wide topic: Computer Graphics, Physics, Transportation
Science, Cognitive Science, Psychology, Urbanism Science, etc. The main objective of
this workshop is make these communities meet, present on-going work, share experience,
identify next challenges and discuss various perspectives.

Example topics of this workshop are:
• Steering and collision-avoidance models for crowds
• Simulations evaluation and validation
• Large-scale and real-time simulations
• Crowd motion control and scripting
• Experimental studies on crowds
• Applications
• Etc.

++Call for participation++

We would very much like your input! We invite 20min presentations (+10 min questions/discussions).
Presentations will be selected from abstracts submission, 350 words maximum. Upon acceptance,
we will ask for a 2-4 pages extended abstract that will be published in the CASA 2010 electronic
proceedings. The selection of presentations will be made by organizers; the guiding principle is
to maximize the number of represented research domains, as well as the number of represented labs.

Submission details are available on, workshop section.
You are invited to send your submission directly by e-mail to
Important dates:
– Submission deadline (350 words abstract): March 30, 2010
– Notification of acceptance: April 10th, 2010
– Extended abstracts (2-4 pages), upon acceptance: April 30, 2010
Note: registration to attend the workshop is required through the CASA 2010 registration system.

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