Mersive et HP s’associent pour amener l’immersivité et la haute définition vers le grand public

Mersive and HP Collaborate to Bring Large-scale, Beyond-high-definition Displays to the Mainstream

Mersive, a leader in display management software, and HP today announced a technology licensing agreement as part of an effort to make it simpler and more affordable for customers to create seamless, large-scale displays of extraordinary image quality and resolution.

Under the agreement, Mersive will license HP’s multiprojector integration technology for incorporation into its Sol display management software. The software streamlines the projection process, removing the need to purchase expensive display hardware and make excessive manual adjustments.

Large, beyond-high-definition displays are used in a wide range of commercial, academic and government applications. For example, manufacturing and architectural design companies use them to review computer-aided design drawings prior to fabrication. Universities use them to teach visual concepts to large classes, and the military relies on them for situation briefings and security monitoring.

Through their collaboration, Mersive and HP expect to make these displays, which have traditionally been limited to capital-intensive fields, available to a broader audience by making them simpler and as much as 75 percent less expensive than competitive solutions. The multiprojector integration technology licensed from HP aligns the outputs of several smaller projectors to create a single, high-fidelity image.

“We see technical collaboration with HP as an opportunity to extend our leadership position in the market,” said Christopher Jaynes, chief technical officer, Mersive. “Mersive’s products are well received in the marketplace, and incorporating technology from HP into our product line will only serve to accelerate the quality, affordability and ease-of-use standards for large-scale, high-resolution displays.”

Mersive offers Sol display management software in desktop PC and server versions, with both running on industry-standard operating systems. It also offers an M-Series, which features reference designs for multiprojector displays that leverage off-the-shelf display hardware sold and installed by its resellers and systems integrators. The Sol and M-Series software are both offered through Mersive’s worldwide channel network, which targets engineering, design, command and control, and data visualization applications.

HP’s portfolio of intellectual property includes more than 30,000 patents. By collaborating with others to bring new technologies to market through intellectual property licenses and other technology transfer agreements, HP helps create new markets and generates a return on its research and development investment.

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