Offre de thèse Keosys + ISIT Clermont-Ferrand

PhD CIFRE grant proposal

KEOSYS (Saint-Herblain) / Image Science for Interventional Techniques

– Proposal: PhD
– Deadline: September, 2011
– Funding: CIFRE grant (KEOSYS)
– KEOSYS supervisor:
– Pierre Tervé (02 40 92 26 13
– ISIT team:
– CaVITI, axis 4 (3D regional myocardial perfusion and function)
– ISIT supervisors:
– Laurent Sarry (04 73 17 81 23
– Antoine Vacavant (04 71 09 90 82

Title :
Interactive visualization and segmentation of 3D+t medical images

The KEOSYS company and the CaVITI team of the ISIT lab are looking for
a PhD student that is expected to contribute to the development of an
innovative software platform for 3D dynamic medical imaging. The main
goal of this work is to define new interactive tools to visualize
volumic image data and to interact with surfaces in real time. These
tools are essential to initialize or correct the results of automatic
segmentation processes in 3D. They should be intuitive enough for the
use by physicians and work for either global or local spatio-temporal
interaction. 3D drawing aids such as object snaps used in CAD could be
designed from native image gray levels. The use of virtual reality
peripherals will also be studied (3D mouse or feedback arm, 3D
glasses…). The developed algorithms will be applied to dynamic
cardiac imaging and oncology.
The successful applicant will have strong skills in C++ programming,
computer graphics and 3D real-time libraries (OpenGL…).
Complementary knowledge in image processing and
medical imaging will also be appreciated.

– computer graphics,
– real-time 3D,
– medical image processing.

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