Call for paper of International Journal of Automation in Construction Special Issue on Applications of Augmented Reality in Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Call for paper of International Journal of Automation in Construction Special Issue on Applications of Augmented Reality in Architecture, Engineering and Construction

Guest Editors:

  • Shih-Chung Kang, Associate Professor, National Taiwan University
  • Xiangyu Wang, Senior Lecture, University of New South Wales


Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology or an environment where the additional information generated by a computer is inserted into the user’s view of real world scene. Recently, there are an increased number of research that introduces the AR technologies in varied applications. This may result from the rapid development of computational software and hardware. As architecture, engineering, and construction  (AEC) industries move more towards digitally managed information nowadays, more intuitive visualization platforms are necessary for efficient use of such information.

AR technologies have shown their potential in becoming suitable platform for these fields. The present time can be a turning point of the application of AR due to the development of hardware and software. Gartner predicted that by year 2014, 30% of the workers will be equipped with sort of AR capability and year 2014 will be the peak time AR is adopted in general public after a long time of technology trigger period. Many researchers truly believe that AR technologies are becoming mature and will be broadly used in AEC industries within the next 10 years. This special issue will be dedicated to the question of how AR technologies and tools should be applied into AEC. Original research papers are invited from the authors on the topics focused on the applications of AR technologies in AEC. This special journal issue would be a great and critical milestone that will lay a key and leading position in academic community in referencing this booming research area. International Journal of Automation in Construction is SCI-index journal with impact factor as 1.372 in year 2010.


The following set of topics, although not exhaustive, provides some indication of the range of topics that the special issue seeks papers in:

  • Urban planning and architecture design with AR
  • Design collaboration using AR
  • Interdisciplinary communications with AR
  • Using AR in project tendering process
  • Using AR in maintenance and operation
  • Using AR in assembly
  • AEC education using AR technologies
  • AR-assisted operation of varies construction machine
  • Using AR in construction management
  • Integration with existing engineering tools with AR

Contributions are encouraged from different disciplinary perspectives, including planning, architecture, computer engineering, social sciences, cognitive psychology, and education. Contributions should take a broad and integrative view of relevant topics, rather than merely describing a narrow and specific research.

Important Dates:

  • Expression of interests: 30 Sep 2011
  • Full paper submission due: 31 Dec 2011
  • Reviewers’ feedback: 31 Mar 2012
  • Final Paper due: 31 Jul 2012
  • Publication of special issue: 31 Nov 2012

Submission Requirement:

Each paper will be sent for rigorous peer assessment by relevant academics and researchers. The paper formatting instructions and layout can be found on the AUTCON website at

Authors are requested to submit papers in MS Word or PDF by email to Prof.Shih-Chung Kang at

(Note: We would be grateful if you could include « AUTCON » in your email subject line when submitting your abstract or communicating on the special issue.)

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