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Second call SKILLS Conference 2011

Dear colleagues,

this message  to encourage your team to submit an abstract to the SKILLS Conference 2011 organized in Montpellier this year, December 15- 16th. The submission deadline has been EXTENDED TO JULY 15th, 2011.

Information at:


The common denominator of the meeting is the concept of skills, focused on human learning and rehabilitation.

  • Acting in natural environments and in interaction with modern technological solutions and virtual reality interfaces.
  • Multidisciplinary, the meeting will be a niche to address human multisensory perception, action and cognition, at brain and behavioral levels, and challenging issues in information and robotics technology.

• KEYNOTES LECTURES: J.A. Scott KELSO and Sefan SCHAAL will present overarching theories and experiments furthering our understanding of human learning.

• PRESENT AND FUTURE of the European policies: Closing lecture by Libor KRAL, European Commission, Head of Unit E5, on « Perspectives for Cognitive Systems, Interaction & Robotics in EU”.


KEY QUESTIONS: How to measure and classify skills, how to explain its emergence and learning, how multisensory integration contribute to it, how technology can promote its acquisition, how it changes or stays invariant when acting in technological environments, what critical technological problems have to be solved to design new training or rehabilitation solutions?

A UNIQUE EUROPEAN VENUE: This conference is under the umbrella of the Skills IP project of the European Commission, Multimodal interfaces for capturing and transfer of skills, and offers a unique opportunity to get involved and confronted with the wide spectrum of science involved in the understanding of human skills, from empirical to modeling approaches.

Key words: Multisensory integration, learning, training, neuroscience, transfer of skills, rehabilitation, interaction design, virtual reality, multimodal interfaces, pattern recognition, robotics.

All information about the SCOPE and SUBMISSION is available on the conference website:

Looking forward to seing you in Montpellier,

Benoît Bardy, Denis Mottet, Julien Lagarde, Conference Chairs

Movement to Health Laboratory (M2H), Montpellier-1 University,

EuroMov, 700 Av Pic Saint Loup- 34090 France

33(0)4 11 75 90 69


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