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ISMAR workshop: Visualization in Mixed Reality Environments

We would like to direct your attention to the Workshop on Visualization in Mixed Reality
Environments which will be held at ISMAR 2011 in Basel, Switzerland.
Please redistribute this announcement to those who might be interested.

Best Regards,
Sean White, Denis Kalkofen, Christian Sandor

*** Workshop on Visualization in Mixed Reality Environments
*** Wednesday, October 26, 2011
*** IEEE ISMAR 2011, Basel, Switzerland

== Monday, September 12, 2011

Mixed and Augmented Reality displays extend the user’s perception with computer-generated
information. This information is typically registered in three-dimensional space and
related to objects and places in the physical world. While individual annotation of
objects has historically been a topic of MR research, visualization incorporating
multiple related data points or models provides a variety of new research challenges in
systems and techniques.

For example, photorealistic augmented reality visualization presents data by adapting
additionally presented imagery to the real world condition while illustrative
visualization techniques aim at enhancing the understanding of augmented scenarios by
carefully combining and mediating real and virtual data. Situated visualization
techniques present virtual representations of data in relevant locations in the physical
scene. A challenge in many of these techniques is the need to correctly communicate the
relations between physical imagery and virtual data.

This workshop aims at presenting the different aspects in a variety of visualization
applications such as organization of data for visualization, real world data sources for
visualization, real time photo-realistic rendering techniques, diminished reality
rendering techniques, cognition, perception, and interaction techniques specific for
visualizations in mixed reality environments. We are also interested in ways that the
body of research in the visualization community can be applied here. We expect the
workshop to be a working event with both presentation of position papers and lively
discussion about the key issues and challenges in this research area.

We invite submissions in the field of Visualization in Mixed Reality Environments.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, MR/AR aspects of:

• Information filtering
• Information presentation, layout, and representations
• Real-time rendering
• Photorealistic rendering
• Illustrative and non-photorealistic rendering
• Cognition and perception
• User interaction and user studies
• System architectures
• Sensors and live data acquisition
• MR/AR applications

Participation is open to all attendees registering for the workshop, not only to
presenters of papers. We explicitly invite non-research attendees to join us as well to
provide valuable insight into commercial areas of interest and constraints.

The workshop will be an opportunity to present position papers on topics relevant for
Visualization in Mixed Reality Environments. To present a position, submit a 2-4 page
summary using the TVCG paper template for ISMAR 2011 papers
[<>] by sending it to the email
« ISMARVizWorkshop[at] ». The position papers will be reviewed by the organizing
committee and selected for presentation. Authors will be notified of the results and will
receive instructions for submitting the final version.

The schedule for submission and notification is as follows:

• Submission deadline: September 12, 2011
• Notification: October 3, 2011
• Final version: October 17, 2011
• Workshop: October 26, 2011


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