ART announces the third edition of their VR/AR event

Weilheim i.OB., Germany – A.R.T. GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of optical tracking systems is delighted to announce the third edition of their customer conference and exhibition: ARTDAYS.

As in past years, leading VR/AR hardware and software manufacturers will present their latest products and technologies in an accompanying trade exhibition, focusing of course, on the benefits of partnering with ART tracking systems.

The motto of this year’s exhibition is « Test & Try »: visitors will be encouraged to look beyond the hype and to experience many ground-breaking new products and applications for themselves. Industry experts will be on-hand to provide information about the latest opportunities and trends, as well as leading dedicated discussion roundtables aimed at providing a platform for the lively exchange of ideas.

The conference agenda includes exciting and topical presentations from ART subject matter experts as well as real-world application success stories from our customers and partners from leading industry and research organisations.

The highlight of the conference will be the keynote speech of Dr. Carolina Cruz-Neira, the co-inventor of the CAVE and now Managing Director of the Emerging Analytics Centre of the University of Arkansas.

Entrance tickets are available at the ARTDAYS event website:

A.R.T. GmbH is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end optical tracking systems for Virtual and Augmented Reality. In addition, ART provides solutions for industrial measurement, medical applications and Motion Capture for ergonomics. The company is located near Munich, Germany.

Press Contact:

Petra Kluge – PR & Marketing – T: +49-881-9253-006 – F: +49-881-9253-001

Am Oeferl 6 – 82362 Weilheim i.OB – Germany – e-mail:

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