PhD position at Université de Nantes

Dear all,
We are seeking for candidates for a PhD fellowship on the topic:
Evaluation of Quality of Experience in Virtual Reality: towards consideration of interactivity and idiosyncrasy through behavioral and physiological measures

Fields: computer science (virtual reality), signal and image processing, cognitive science

Application deadline: May 15, 2017

Contact: Toinon Vigier (Ass. Prof., Université de Nantes, LS2N),


The recent development of new consumer grade Virtual Reality (VR) systems fosters the design of new multimedia immersive and interactive applications. These new applications differ from the ones usually used in VR in terms of usage (mainly entertainment) and delivery. Therefore, the assessment of user experience and its modeling, in a context of immersive and interactive multimedia experiments, should be deeply thought over in order to take into account quality, affective and esthetics aspects and all the image processing on the transmission and broadcasting chain.

The goal of the PhD is to evaluate quality of experience in virtual reality using physiological (electroencephalography EEG, galvanic skin response, heart rate, refractometer…) and behavioral (eye tracking, posture…) measures. From these implicit and real time measures, it is possible to infer sensory, motor and cognitive reactions in order to use them in an immersive, interactive and personalized scenario. More specifically, this PhD will address the problem of measurement and analysis of cerebral activity and the coupling of EEG and eye tracking in order to assess the quality of experience.

Required skills

Master or equivalent degree with research experience in the field of computer science, image and signal processing or cognitive science. Knowledge in EEG signal and/or eye tracking will also be appreciated.

Environment of the PhD

This PhD will take place at Université de Nantes, in the Image Perception Interaction team of the L2SN.

Duration 3 years, beginning September 2017.

Supervisors: Patrick Le Callet (Prof.), Toinon Vigier (Ass. Prof.)


Applications must be sent to (CV + motivation letter + master transcripts of grades)

The deadline for applying is on May 15, 2017. 

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