Call for Papers & Attendees – ACM VRIC 2018 – Laval Virtual

Laval (France)  April 4 – 6, 2018


Dear academic and industrial colleagues,


You are cordially invited to participate to the 20th ACM VRIC (Virtual Reality International Conference) in attending and eventually submitting a paper.

VRIC’2018 will be held during Laval Virtual 2018, the premier European conference & exhibition on Immersive (AR-VR-MR) Technologies. Laval Virtual 20th anniversary will be memorable!


We keep on innovating to create our future! We will imagine and launch together projects that will change our lives. ACM VRIC 2018 will gather about 170 specialists in Immersive (AR-VR-MR) Technologies, from research institutions & industry, to work together and produce a vision towards the evolution of immersive technologies and their future usage scenarios within different sectors.


 Limited number of attendees (170), candidate today to participate!

 ACM VRIC registration includes unlimited free entrance to Laval Virtual exhibition!


Wednesday, April 4: famous invited speakers from research institutions & industry present their own vision on immersive technologies, their usage scenarios and the « Laval Virtual Vision » they created together during the Laval Virtual Seminar.

Thursday, April 5: 6 thematic Workshops, driven by experts in each area, contribute to refine the LV vision 2025 edition 2018 and dream up future projects to create a collective document (in a publishable form) presenting their collective work in their specific workshop theme.

ACM VRIC 2018 Call for Workshops:

Submit one page description of a workshop theme including a workshop title, short description, list of engaged contributors, expected number of participants.

Each workshop will apply the same process; (1) papers presentation, (2) Open Bar, (3) Mind-mapping, (4) LV exhibition guided visit according to the proposed theme, Presentation preparation for workshop feedback on Friday plenary session.

Friday, April 6: a Final Plenary Session for presenting the outcomes of the Workshops and validating the updated version of the  » Laval Virtual Vision 2025″. A famous keynote speaker will introduce that day: Mel Slater!


More than ever, VRIC Laval Virtual 2018 is the place to be in order to participate in the tremendous growth of Immersive (AR-VR-MR) Technologies.


To participate to VRIC 2018, just register on!

You can also submit:

– a Paper to get the opportunity to introduce your work to the audience. Your paper will be published on ACM Digital Library and proposed to our associated journals, IJVR & JVRB (See the “Call for Paper” below)

a Workshop Theme (submit before October 31th, 2017, a one page description to


APPLY NOW to get a chance to live an incredible experience and to be part of the group of specialists who will invent the future! (


Kindest regards

Simon Richir, VRIC Chair.

20th ACM Virtual Reality International Conference – Laval Virtual 2018 – CALL for PAPERS

VRIC Laval Virtual website:
Application & Submission page:

Partnership with international journals for special issues: IJVR ( & JVRB (


The annual VRIC – Laval Virtual conference is a global forum for researchers and engineers from industry, academia and research institutes to discuss and exchange ideas, methods and results on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Internet of Things, new usage scenarios and emerging technologies. The scope of the conference covers a variety of topics ranging from theoretical developments to industrial applications and case studies.

April, 4-6  2018  Laval, France
Sponsored by ACM – Logistics Partner: Laval Virtual


 Submission Deadline: December 8, 2017
Decision notification and reviews sent to authors: January 15, 2018

Camera-ready papers due: February 26, 2018

Registration: March 5, 2018

Accepted manuscripts appear in the Proceedings of the ACM Virtual Reality International Conference, which is listed in the ACM Digital Library (

At the conference, presenters of accepted papers have up to 20-minutes (including questions). Shorter papers may have shorter presentation times than longer papers at the conference.

ACM VRIC 2018 seeks original, high-quality contribution in all areas related to virtual reality (VR), including augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and 3D user interfaces (3DUIs).

ACM VRIC 2018 features three categories of submissions: long papers (8 pages), short papers (4 pages) or poster papers (2 pages). Short paper will represent a more focused and succinct contribution to the research or relatively early work, with a smaller – yet still significant – scope of contribution than an 8-page long paper, which represent mature and complete reseach. System papers (integration of techniques and technologies to build an effective system) will be also appreciated as we focus on new uses of immersive technologies.

Continuing our cooperation with the IJVR (International Journal of Virtual Reality) and JVRB (Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting) journal, paper submissions with substantial contribution will automatically be considered by the Program Committee for potential extended publication in special issues of these journals.

Topics: Papers may come from any area of VR activity: academia or industry; science, engineering, or craft; analysis or design. ACM VRIC 2018 seeks contributions covering all applications domains (e.g. health, training, simulation, industry 4.0, art, leisure, entertainment, avatars…) and will focus particularly on the major following themes this year:

 Content creation

Interactive 3D production – 360 acquisition Systems – Volumetric Scanning & Reconstruction – Immersive Storytelling – Modeling and simulation – Arts


–        Human factors

Perception, presence, self presence, virtual embodiment, incarnation, cognition – Teleoperation and telepresence – Virtual humans and avatars – Multi-user and distributed VR/AR/MR – Living in a virtual collaborative world – User eXperience

 –        Visual interfaces

Advanced or experimental display technology (e.g. Light Fields) – Immersive projection technology – Computer graphics techniques for VR/AR/MR

 –        Interaction & navigation

3D interaction for VR/AR/MR – 3DUI metaphors for VR/AR/MR – Tracking and sensing – Input devices for VR/AR/MR – Locomotion and navigation in virtual environments – Haptics – Sensors

 –        Applications

Applications of VR/AR/MR: Industry 4.0, games, health, entertainment, CAD, education, luxury, cinema, etc. – Ethical issues in VR/AR/MR – Practical cases –

 –        Emerging related technologies

Robotics – 3D Print – Drones – Artificial intelligence – Light Field – Low Tech VR – Ubiquitous Computing – IoT

ACM VRIC uses a doubleblind review process, meaning both the authors and the reviewers remain anonymous to each other. Complete papers must be submitted electronically through the online submission system: All papers should be formatted using the ACM Template format described at

Direct link to submit a paper:

 Demonstration session « ReVolution » is also open submission as well as “Virtual Fantasy” student contest and “Laval Virtual Awards”. Look at

Call for Papers VRIC 2018

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