Call for Papers & Attendees – 20th ACM VRIC & Laval Virtual 2018

Laval (France)  April 4 – 6, 2018 – EXTENDED Submission Deadline

20th premier European conference & exhibition on immersive (AR-VR-MR) technologies


ACM VRIC 2018 will gather about 170 specialists in Immersive (AR-VR-MR) Technologies, from research institutions & industry, to work together and produce a vision towards the evolution of immersive technologies and their future usage scenarios within different sectors.


Limited number of attendees (170), register today to participate!

ACM VRIC registration includes unlimited free entrance to Laval Virtual exhibition!

Wednesday, April 4:

Invited speakers from research institutions & industry present their own vision on immersive technologies, their usage scenarios and the « Laval Virtual Vision » they created together during the Laval Virtual Seminar. Mark Mine – DISNEY Research (USA), Christian Sandor – NAIST (Japan), Naomi Roth – Virtuality for Reality (France), Peter Antoniac – AUGUMENTA (Finland)…

Thursday, April 5:

Thematic Workshops, driven by experts in each area, contribute to refine the LV vision 2025 edition 2018 and dream up future projects to create a collective document (in a publishable form) presenting their collective work in their specific workshop theme.

Friday, April 6:

Final Plenary Session for presenting the outcomes of the Workshops and validating the updated version of the  » Laval Virtual Vision 2025″. A famous keynote speaker will introduce that day: Mel Slater!


More than ever, ACM VRIC Laval Virtual 2018 is the place to be in order to participate in the tremendous growth of Immersive (AR-VR-MR) Technologies.

To participate to VRIC 2018, just register on!

You can also submit a Paper to get the opportunity to introduce your work to the audience. Your paper will be published on ACM Digital Library and proposed to our associated journals, IJVR & JVRB ( – New Submission Deadline: December 18, 2017

APPLY NOW to get a chance to live an incredible experience and to be part of the group of specialists who will invent the future! (


Kindest regards

Pr Simon Richir, VRIC Chair.

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