PhD position : Connected Objects and ProActive Health management

French title: Objets Connectés et gestion proActive de la Santé (OCAS)

English title: Connected Objects and ProActive Health management (COPAH)

The OCAS-COPAH project wants to identify whether and how the use of augmented objects in the context of playful interactions can create commitment in health practices.

With agile methods in the theoretical framework of user-centred design, the successful PhD applicant will prototype an environment where IOT objects are easily found, searched, exploited and composed in different playful activities. The environment will afford systematized but personalized interactions, integrating a quantified self-approach to teach healthy habits and encourage the passage to action.

With experimental methods in the theoretical framework of behavioural sciences, the successful PhD applicant will rethink (en)active learning in the context of health through the gamification of augmented objects. Experimental validation of the prototyped environment will reveal the health benefits of exploiting quantified-self and multi-sensory bio-feedbacks to achieve learning of good practices related to movement.

The ideal candidate should hold a Master (at the very last in Sept 2018) in relevant scientific domain (e.g., computer sciences, behavioural neuroscience, human movement science, experimental psychology, or other) and have a good level of programming. Candidates showing outstanding capabilities to learn software engineering, human computer interaction, human movement analysis, data fusion and mining, or behavioural experiment will be preferred.

The PhD is co supervised by Inès Di Loreto (Univ. Troyes, Computer sciences, Tech-CICO) and Denis Mottet (Univ. Montpellier, Human movement sciences, EuroMov). The position is located in Troyes, with as necessary stays in Montpellier. Net salary is 1462€/month (health insurance and student facilities included) with a 36 months contract, and with a starting date in summer 2018.

For more information about the PhD and how to apply, please contact:

Inès Di Loreto and Denis Mottet (ines.di_loreto at, denis.mottet at

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