CALL for participation « Real Illusion/Virtual Illusion » Art & VR Gallery 2019 – Laval 20-24 March

n the course of highlighting the inherent connections between Art and Digital innovation, Laval Virtual brings back the Art&VR Gallery in its 2019 edition.

The Art&VR Gallery presents an international selection of Artworks curated by VR/MR Artist and Researcher Judith Guez.

Submit your Artwork before November 15th, 2018 to have a chance to be selected and:

  • to exhibit during a 20,000+ attended event
  • benefit from an art, high-tech and general press
  • referenced in the Art&VR Gallery Catalogue
  • benefit from feed-back of a highly qualified crowd of VR/MR experts
  • enter the Laval Virtual Award Competition
  • benefit of a full-access pass for Laval Virtual

The submitted artworks shall question the VR and MR as an artistic medium. They must answer to linked problematics and/or use the following technologies : virtual reality, mixed reality, augmented reality, immersives installations, interaction, interface and robotic, multisensorial spatialisation, effects of presence, transdisciplinarity.

The candidate artwork must be complete before or during 2018. Applications are open to international artists or projects.

The application deadline is NOVEMBER 15th, 2018

The theme of this edition is : ILLUSION RÉELLE / ILLUSION VIRTUELLE (Real Illusion / Virtual Illusion)



Throughout its 20 years of existence, Laval Virtual has become the indispensable Catalyst and Facilitator for organizations from the VR/AR and Immersive Techniques field.

It gathers and hosts a community of 5000 + professionals, for which it :

-organizes Exhibitions, Conference programs and Art Exhibitions in Europe and Asia

-provides information Services




Illusions, between surprise and wonder, destabilize and amuse. They interrogate our perceptions of our daily reality.

Far from being simple mistakes, they can throw our preconceptions off, and open doors to realizations about our reality as different and multiple. In the end they are true vectors of knowledge that allow us, through the pleasure they generate, to let ourselves be carried away to other possibles.

If the creator’s intentions include the desire to provoke these questions in the spectator, then illusions can become an essential part of artistic creation.

For example, the artists of Op Art and kinetic art of the 1950s and 1960s, through play on illusions, notably wanted to surprise the spectator, in order to “wake” him up and get him out of his perceptive habits.

With the arrival of digital technology, other forms of illusions are emerging: virtual and mixed reality, through immersion and interaction in a virtual or mixed world, thrust the spectator in a play on the borders between the real and the virtual.

In this call, we want to question these effects of illusion, emerging from virtual or mixed worlds. They can be inspired by illusions that we experience in the real world, but they can also be specific to the virtual. It is therefore between real illusion and virtual illusions, through immersion and interaction, that we want to explore new artistic forms that can question our perceptual habits, and make us tip over another conception of the world.


The desired proposals, in the form of an installation between the real and the virtual, could for example:

  • question the effects of the hybridization between the real and the virtual
  • be inspired by real illusions and/or the creation of illusions specific to the virtual
  • Explore the effects of multisensory illusions related to immersion and interaction in a virtual/mixed world.
  • offer moments of digital magic
  • establish a particular narrative in time and space
  • play with spatial and temporal paradoxes
  • make us reconsider our belief in a stable and unique reality
  • to explore wonder as a driving force of creation
  • question the relational aesthetics between the spectator and the artwork with regards to its illusions

« On s’émerveille profondément et durablement en voyant que le quotidien est merveilleux au-delà de sa dimension ennuyeuse et répétitive, que le réel de tous les jours peut paraître chargé, à n’importe quel moment, d’un surcroît de réalité. » Jacques Ninio

>>>>>>  Judith Guez, Founder – Curator Art&VR Gallery




Your application (preferably in English) will includes several elements such as:

  • Information about yourself
  • Information about the artwork
  • A comment on the link between the artwork and the theme « Real illusion / Virtual Illusion »

(NB : you may freely interpret this theme)

  • An artistic presentation with a floor plan (in PDF format, max. 3 pages)
  • A link to a short presentation video of the artwork
  • Element to provide for the Laval Virtual communication
    • A technical and scenographic description of the artwork
  • A declaration of copyrights’ ownership


Deadline: NOVEMBER 15th, 2018



No artwork with copyright restrictions will be accepted for review.

The person or company submitting the artwork is responsible for clearing all rights relevant to the use by Laval Virtual. All footage material, text material, music, as well as images used (such as film segments or off-air television) including Internet-sampled material must be clear of copyright restrictions.

Laval Virtual cannot be responsible nor liable for any copyright restrictions, or third party claims.



Applications selected by Laval Virtual will be notified by email by or before december 2018. A full roster will be posted by the beginning of january. Those whose works are not selected will also be notified by email.

The artworks selected must be provided to Art&VR Gallery according to the technical and scenographic description provided in the application.

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