INTERNSHIP – Instancing and Level Of Details optimizations


Within the Realtime kernel & interfaces team and in collaboration with the rendering team, you will contribute to improve the performances of the OPTIS 3D renderer in very large scenes which reuse many times the same objects (sign road, tree…) and with objects that could be displayed far away with no necessity to be too much accurate at some camera distance, following these main steps:

  • Bibliography study of existing techniques (Pros/Cons)
  • Improving the instancing techniques (static/dynamic/animated objects optimizations)
  • Improving the Level of Detail techniques (automatic data-preparation, optimizations)
  • Explore GPU possibilities (tesselation shader)


University Master 1 or 2, or equivalent graduation certificate.

Required skills: C++ and or C# skills on software development framework, knowledges in 3D geometric mathematical, scene graph manipulation and 3D rendering pipeline with GPU programming notion (GLSL/HLSL)

Software: Visual Studio and Source Code Management (GIT like)

The candidate must speak French and/or English.

Location will be at Valbonne (06) in France.

Duration will be from 3 to 6 months.

Send your application (Resume + cover letter) in digital format to:

HR Dept. |


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