INTERNSHIP – Performances monitoring tools and automatisation


Within the Realtime kernel & interfaces team and in collaboration with all other teams, you will contribute to improve our way to monitor our software performances, following these main steps:

  • Study the common existing tools and usability (internal usages)
  • Implement/improve relevant custom measures criteria for our framework (network latency, FPS, memory print, lags detections, loading time, draw calls, number of vertices, GPU load…) and the way to automatically output a report/graph (realtime/offline).
  • Implementing the measurements and automatic non-regression tests on our framework, considering the impact on the engine performances by benchmarking the tool itself within different configurations (samples, heavy simulation scenes, offline or deployed immersive environments…) to validate it.


University Master 1 or 2, or equivalent graduation certificate.

Required skills: C++ and or C# skills on software development framework, knowledges in scene graph manipulation, rendering pipeline and networking would be a plus.

Software: Visual Studio and Source Code Management (GIT like)

The candidate must speak French and/or English.

Location will be at Valbonne (06) in France.

Duration will be from 3 to 6 months.

Send your application (Resume + cover letter) in digital format to:

HR Dept. |


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