MRG Research Positions, Nicosia, Cyprus

Research Positions: Research Centre on Interactive Media, Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies – Team Leaders of Multidisciplinary Research Groups

No. of Positions: Five (5) full-time

Positions Category: Employment contract

Location: Research Centre on Interactive Media, Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies, Nicosia, Cyprus

The Research Centre on Interactive Media, Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies announces 5 full-time positions for Senior Researchers – Team Leaders for Multidisciplinary Research Groups (MRG). The Research Centre is an equal opportunity employer. MRG PIs will be employed full-time and based in the premises of the Centre. The positions are open to everyone, internationally.

The Research Centre on Interactive Media, Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies,  is a newly founded research Centre in Cyprus aiming to become an internationally renowned Centre of excellence and innovation empowering knowledge and technology transfer in the region. It is a joint venture between the Municipality of Nicosia, the Max Planck Institute for Informatics (Germany), the University College London (UK) and the three public universities of Cyprus – University of Cyprus, Cyprus University of Technology, and Open University of Cyprus. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme H2020-WIDESPREAD-01-2016-2017 (Teaming Phase 2) under grant agreement No. 739578, as well as from the Cypriot Government, local and international partners and other sponsors.

The Research focus is on interactive media. Interactive media have become an integral part of our lives, changing the way that information is conveyed to the user and the ways users interact with devices, with other people, and with the world around them. Research in the Centre integrates the Visual Sciences, Human Factors & Design, and Communications & Artificial Intelligence, in a tight synergy that provides a unique interdisciplinary research perspective that emphasizes an “Inspired by Humans, Designed for Humans” philosophy. The Centre is designed to act as an integrator of academic research and industrial innovation, towards the sustainable fueling of the scientific, technological, and economic growth of Cyprus and Europe. For further  information about the Centre, please visit

The opportunity to create a Multidisciplinary Research Groups (MRG) within the Centre will be assessed according to the expertise of the Team Leader, the MRG’s potential impact (both research and socioeconomic), synergy with other RTDI activities and MRGs ( of the Centre, and its likelihood of being able to become financially self-sustaining in the longer term.

The Research Centre on Interactive Media, Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies wishes to receive applications for Team Leaders of MRGs in areas relating to Interactive Media, including the following areas:

  1. iNicosia (relevant to the Centre’s flagship project as described below)
  2. Augmented Reality
  3. Data Analysis and Visualization
  4. Interactive (Human-In-The-Loop) Machine Learning
  5. Virtual Humans
  6. User Experience/Interaction Design
  7. Imaging/Computer Vision
  8. Applied Cognition/Neuroscience (with research interest in interactive technologies)
  9. 3D printing/Fabrication
  10. Wearable Computing
  11. Other areas — relevant to Interactive Media, Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies

One of the five positions will be reserved for an MRG leader who will take responsibility for the first flagship project of the Centre, the “iNicosia”. Under the project “iNicosia” interactive media and computing systems are considered as being embedded in the geographical situation where the services they provide are located. That is, rather than considering computing as a pervasive service, or facilities that are accessed through an intangible cloud, we make infrastructure, people and geography a key resource. This extends the topic of smart cities, considering alternate geographical situations and also the social and political context of use.


The Centre will seed fund the salaries of the scientific personnel of each MRG which include the Team Leader heading it, as well as 2 junior researchers. MRGs will also have additional allowance for equipment, travelling and visiting the Advanced Partners.

Initially, a 3-year contract will be offered to the Team Leader with potential renewal for another 2 years. Team leaders will undergo yearly performance assessment related to their research activity and operations (towards contributing in the Centre’s Key Performance Indicators).

The salary depends on the Team Leader’s qualifications and experience. The annual gross salary for full time employment, will be in the range €44.000- €78.000, depending on the candidate’s qualifications and expertise.

From the above amounts, employee contributions to the various governmental funds will be deducted. The positions do not include medical insurance coverage. Maternity leave will be granted based on Social Insurance Laws from 1980 until 2012.

The successful Team Leaders will have the funding for recruiting 2 junior researchers for their MRGs, for a period of 3 years.


The Team Leader will manage the MRG and mentor the junior researchers, guiding all RTDI activities within their proposed MRG.

The Team Leader and his/her team will have the opportunity to conduct applied research within their proposed area of interest as well as to establish synergies with other RTDI activities of the Centre and other MRGs ( They will have the ability and responsibility to secure additional funding through any of their RTDI activities (e.g. national and EU research funding, industry collaborations, and joint IP exploitation, etc.), which will enable them to increase their personnel and extend their life beyond the initial period of 3 years. Outstanding and sustained quality of research outputs is expected by the MRGs and their Team Leaders.

Team Leaders and their teams will have to participate in the Centre’s operations (e.g., committees etc.) and have contribution to tasks/deliverables of H2020-Teaming-RISE project. Also Team leaders (and their teams) will need to have full-time physical presence at the Centre. Team Leaders will undergo yearly performance assessment related to their research activity and operations (towards contributing in the Centre’s Key Performance Indicators).


  • PhD degree in a relevant field (e.g. Interactive Media, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Virtual Reality, Neuroscience, Psychology, Digital Sociology, Museum Studies, Educational Technology, Information Technology, Design, Human Computer Interaction, Physics, Mathematics) from an accredited institution
  • International postdoctoral experience will be a plus
  • Excellent knowledge of both spoken and written English language
  • Previous research experience and high impact research publications
  • Previous relevant industrial/applied-research experience
  • Previous grant-writing experience

Interested candidates should submit the following items online at JOTFORM:

  1. Cover letter which clearly specifies availability date for full time employment of the Team Leader.
  2. A proposal for the MRG (up to five pages long), outlining the MRG planning for the next 3 years, including group composition, foreseen instrumentation to be required, and expected activity (highlighting innovation-driven activities) that will enable the group to increase its personnel and extend its life beyond the initial period of 3 years. The proposal must include how the research focus of the proposed MRG is aligned with the Centre’s focus.
  3. Short summary of research interests and achievements of the Team Leader (2 pages max).
  4. CV (including contact details and complete list of publications).
  5. Copies of degree certificates (BSc./MSc., PhD).
  6. Three most important publications with full bibliographic citations.
  7. Contact details of three referees, either all academics or two academics and one from the industry. The candidate is responsible for asking the referees to send a recommendation letter at by the deadline for applications.

 The deadline for applications is 16th of December 2018.

For general inquiries, applicants may contact the Research Director of Research Centre on Interactive Media, Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies at .

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