Stage de Master « Simulating Augmented Reality interactions in Virtual Reality to study Cognitive overload » proposé par l’équipe VENISE du LIMSI/CNRS et l’IRBA

Master 2 Internship proposal
Simulating Augmented Reality interactions in Virtual Reality to study Cognitive overload

Institut de Recherche Biomédicale des Armées )


This internship will be funded and performed in collaboration with IRBA, the French Armed Forces Biomedical Research Institute. Within IRBA, the Cognitive Ergonomics of Operational Situations Unit conducts research, expertise and training activities in the field of ergonomic psychology, aimed at a better understanding of the sociocognitive processes that underlie the adaptation of operators and organizations to the constraints of the operational environments in which they operate. In this context, the VENISE team of LIMSI and IRBA collaborate to measure and study the cognitive overload induced on an operator by the use of augmented reality (AR) systems in a context of simultaneous multiple tasks.

Understanding cognitive overload of humans in stressing and multitasking conditions is complex. One must be able to perform experiments with a perfect control of their parameters and conditions. To address this issue, the VENISE team proposes to design a virtual reality (VR) system which is able to simulate the AR systems targeted by the study. In this simulation, the real world will be purely virtual, and the AR interactions will be performed through a VR setup involving stereoscopic visual immersion, 3D sound perception, motion tracking of the user, and possibly some tangible devices.

The technical purpose of this project is to create a library of assets and tools in order to simulate existing and/or future AR devices. Such simulations will be performed within CAVE-like system offering large immersive multisensory capacities, as the EVE system of the VENISE team, and/or with a new generation of head mounted display (HMD) with higher resolution and larger field of view than current ones.

The selected internship student will start by bibliographical study on AR, firstly to propose a theoretical classification of the existing AR interactions crossed with the targeted tasks (i.e. guiding, learning, live activity, risky, stress, and so on), secondly to point out and analyze previous works on the VR simulation of AR systems (see for instance [1,2]). Then, he/she will develop generic capable implementations with Unity in order to perform evaluations of the equivalence validity of a VR simulation of an AR user interface.

After these first evaluations and considering the future experimental conditions of cognition measurement study and the targeted tasks simulation, the student will discuss and propose several guidelines on the VR setup characteristics required to simulate at best AR inside a VR environment for this project.

KEYWORDS: Cognition load analysis, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality.

VR/AR ENVIRONMENT: EVE system (, HTC Vive and/or High Resolution large field of view HMD, Microsoft Hololens.

MANDATORY SKILLS: C#/Unity Programming (Advanced), MaxMSP knowledge (binaural applications), Strong interest for AR and/or VR.

OPTIONNAL SKILLS: Shader programming, Other programming languages skills (C++), one previous experience in VR or AR.

SALARY: legal monthly allowance (about 600 € per month + reimbursement of 50% transport costs).

DURATION: 6 months (from March 2019)

LOCATION: mainly at LIMSI-CNRS, Rue du Belvédère, 91405 ORSAY cedex (France).

TO APPLY: please send asap an email to including a cover letter, your Curriculum Vitae, copies of your official scores and rankings at the Masters 1 and 2 (or equivalent).


[1] Fayez Lahoud, Sabine Süsstrunk, AR in VR: Simulating Infrared Augmented Vision, IEEE ICP 2018.

[2] Cha Lee, Scott Bonebrake, Tobias Höllerer, Doug A. Bowman, A Replication Study Testing the Validity of AR Simulation in VR for Controlled Experiments, In Proceedings of the 8th IEEE ISMAR 2009, Orlando, Florida, USA, October 19-22, 2009


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