Offre de Stage : “Intelligent Visual Analytics using Mixed Reality Technology”


Supervisors: Huyen Nguyen, Nicolas Férey, Patrick Bourdot

In collaboration with scientists at LATMOS, UVSQ, France & UNSW Canberra, Australia

Climate disasters occur each year globally, causing widespread devastation including human casualties, gross infrastructural damage, economic and environmental setbacks. International collaborative research efforts have been focusing on accelerating processes for effective prediction, early warning, evacuation and rescue, damage assessment and infrastructure reconstruction. Accurate detection and effective response efforts require input from and effective collaboration between multiple stakeholders with varying expertise, who rely on large, dynamic and often complex datasets to make informed and timely decisions under conditions of time, physiological and psychological stress. This project will contribute to the study of climate and climate change data, with the end goal of providing technologies that could assist climate disaster prediction and management.

The aim of this project is to investigate the use of Mixed Reality (MR) technologies and visual analytics in supporting users with varying expertise to visualise and analyse complex data from real weather observations and/or predicted simulation model projections. The intern will be working directly with the investigators of this project from VENISE team and with researchers specialised in the field of climate and meteorology from France and Australia. The intern will carry out the process of designing and evaluating a scenario of visualisation and analyse of data to highlight the main advantages of MR technologies in the studies of climateand climate change.

Figure 1: An example of using Mixed Reality technology to visualise an oceanography dataset

The targeted Augmented Reality device will be the Microsoft HoloLens 2, and the system will be built using the Unity platform. An extension to lower-grade systems such as smartphones and tablets for use in a mainstream situation would be a valuable asset to test the system in a larger context.

Possibility to apply for a PhD scholarship at the end of the internship.

Required skills: Master 2 or equivalent in an engineering school. Experience with HCI and programming in Unity / C# development.

Duration: 6 months (starting February or March 2020) at LIMSI/CNRS, University Paris Saclay, Orsay.

Compensation: Legal compensation for the intern as determined by French government.

How to apply: Candidates should send electronically an application with a motivation letter, a CV,

grades/transcripts and other relevant information in PDF format via email to

Please feel free to get in contact in case of questions. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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