Thematic session SimVisu2020 – ISPRS2020

Hi all,

This is a call for papers for a thematic session SimVisu2020 at the ISPRS2020, about « Visualization of complex spatio-temporal data and phenomena on earth ».

The purpose is to bring closer simulation, prediction, learning models to geovisualization and geovisual analytics, to ease the visuo-spatial reasoning on the complex data and phenomena we could observe, learn, predict and simulate.

Summary of the CFP:

The objective of this thematic session is to make researchers have a new perspective on their way to interpret their models and results. This thematic session aims at favoring a new dynamic of interdisciplinary research, between methodological communities based on spatial applications, for climate change issues. We expect abstract or full papers addressing:

– visualization or visual analysis and reasoning methods to support perception and interpretation of spatio-temporal data and related phenomena (..)

– analysis and interpretation of spatial data, potentially requiring additional visual and interactive methods: how could geovisualization, at any spatio-temporal scales (…)

There is a need here to bring closer spatial, topographic, physical observations and models, and approaches, models and experiments for visualization and visual reasoning, on many possible applications, such as the following, but not exhaustive ones:

· Climate change simulation, urban climate, climate data visualization, urban heat islands;

· Air pollution, pollutant dispersion;

· Meteorological or weather prediction;

· Water rising, flash flooding, marine submersion, tsunami simulation and scenarii;

· Geosciences, earthquakes and cryosphere assessment and monitoring;

· Spatial dynamics of land cover use or terrain on long-term scale;

· Simulation of past or future urban morphology dynamics;

· High temporal change detection, detection of high frequency events or weak signals;

· Acoustic signal, microwave lengths, wind flow into streets;

· Adaptive user interaction with learning models.

For more details: The CFP is attached to this e-mail, be careful the deadline submission is soon (3rd February 2020). (CFP_ThematicSession_SimVisu2020)

Feel free also to share this CFP in your communities and related ones, because the aim is to bring together researchers from different research communities interested into climate change issues.

14-20 June 2020, ISPRS2020:

Best regards,

Sidonie Christophe

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